EY start-up-challenge Berlin, 2016

Join our accelerator on Industry 4.0 & smart service and scale your business

Find here the Interview with Mrs. Dorothea Utzt, Managing Director of Streetspotr, participant in the EY Start-up-Challenge 2015 in London, "The added value of participation has doubled"

What is special about the 2016 EY Start-up-Challenge (EYSC) in Berlin?

  • The EY Start-up-Challenge provides a unique platform for start-ups in the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to grow and scale their business. It is designed to help them figure out how they can either completely change or re-invent their existing products and supply chains
  • EY will be using its extensive client network throughout the whole industry, including large corporations and hidden champions. We will connect and challenge participating start-ups by developing very specific, real-life use cases.
  • We do not take any share in the start-ups we support. Our accelerator program is solely focused on boosting Industry 4.0 and IoT-products, aiming to create real value for both start-ups and corporates.
  • The program includes a contest with awards in three categories: best product, most innovative start-up, best pitch. Winners will get the opportunity to exclusively present their company at topic-related international top-events.

Why do EYSC mentors stand out from the crowd?

  • We are deeply convinced that gaining access to complex value chain-networks and corporates is key to how start-ups can unleash the potential of their solutions. This is why we invited a broad variety of corporates from our wide client network to join the accelerator.
  • By involving top-level clients, we will ensure high-quality mentoring, coaching and support for the start-ups we work with.
  • At EY, we used our experience to select well-versed, highly committed mentors and professional coaches to help start-ups develop valuable and realistic IoT use cases. Since it is vital for start-ups to make their business models attractive to large companies, we from EY will provide them with full-scale support and vast knowledge of our global professional service organization to achieve this goal.

“Industry 4.0 & Smart Services”.

Welcome to a world where devices connect with devices, where technology integrates with the human workforce, where artificial intelligence and robotics augments our capabilities and where industrial processes are seeing the most rapid transformation since the invention of electricity.

“Industry 4.0 & Smart Services” will be the focus of the EY start-up-challenge 2016 in Berlin with potential disruptive impact on a vast spectrum of key industries.

Interested in joining the EY start-up-challenge?

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for further information and discussion. Your contacts at EY:
Andreas Müller
Andreas Müller
EY Partner Advisory GSA
Start-up-Challenge Leader

Peter Lennartz
Peter Lennartz
EY Partner Assurance GSA
Head of Start-up-Initiative GSA

Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry
Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry
EY Partner Advisory GSA
Digital Strategy & Transformation Leader

Torsten Blaschke
Torsten Blaschke
EY Partner Transaction Advisory
Services GSA

Acceleration Families

Bestmile and ZF

Over the next three months, seven start-ups in the fields of “Industry 4.0 & Smart Services” will team up with mentors from established companies and EY. They will form seven ‘acceleration families’ which are strongly committed to drive digital change and help corporates overcome innovation barriers. We have asked Raphaël Gindrat, BestMile, Dr. Jürgen Sturm and Dr. Alexander Graf, ZF, and Dr. Adrian Reisch, EY, about their reasons for joining the EY start-up-challenge in Berlin.

Envio and RWE

Smart buildings are revolutionizing the way we live and work. The Canadian start-up Envio has found an innovative and smart way to make digital building management systems affordable, easy to install, and applicable for any type of commercial building. The EYSC ‘acceleration family’ around Reza Alagheband, CEO of Envio, includes the mentors Angela Kreitenweis and Carsten Stöcker from RWE’s Innovation Hub, as well as Thomas Prüver, Senior Manager at EY. In our Interview, you can read more about the objectives and expectations of the Envio acceleration team.

Ideatarmac and Lidl

Ideatarmac provides demandware-based solutions and a troubleshooting automation platform for accelerating e-commerce. Over the next twelve weeks, the ‘acceleration family’ around Pratyush Saxena and Ashish Chauhan will seek to fast-track Ideatarmac’s business model by offering them qualified guidance and mentorship. Dr. Philip Götting from LIDL and Sascha Theismann, EY, will provide them with qualified b2b and b2c business knowledge in the fields of funding, networking, customer experience, and customer service. Read more in our interview.

iTiZZiMO and MAN

The EY start-up-challenge teams up representatives from seven hand-picked start-ups in “Industry 4.0 & Smart Services”, as well as mentors from leading corporates and EY. Over the next three 12 weeks, participants will form ‘acceleration families’, clustered around the start-ups. Learn more in our interview with Martin Nehls, iTiZZiMO, Stefan Stoerig, MAN, and Daniel Schiffner, EY.

n-Join and BASF

n-Join’s Industry 4.0 innovations turn revolutionary visions into reality. Their technology listens to all machine-to-machine communications within a factory, learns how production works in intricate detail, and shares deep insights, making manufacturing processes more efficient and less energy consuming. The EYSC ‘acceleration family’ around n-Join’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder Haim Piratinskiy aims not only to create strong partnerships between innovators and corporates, but also to provide answers to the pivotal question: “When the Internet of Things understands us, will we understand it?” Read more in our interview with Haim, as well as with Dirk Ramhorst from BASF, and Klaus Schoo from EY.

OPAL and Alnatura

In the last two years, the start-up Opal has won many awards for their data analytics solution for groceries and food retailers. Thanks to the company’s fast, user-friendly, and secure data analysis application, retailers can improve the availability of fresh products and reduce waste through stale returns. Over the next three months, the EYSC ‘acceleration family’ including Opal’s CEO Alexander Grossmann, as well as Richard Kneis, Alnatura, and Volker Stockrahm, EY, will work on the issue of how corporates can overcome the hurdles for digitization as well as how start-ups can grow and scale their business.

Zolertia and Daimler

Zolertia has much in store for companies that want to connect their products to the Internet of Things, IoT. We have spoken with Marc Fàbregas Bachs what he is expecting from the EY start-up-challenge 2016, dedicated to the key topic of “Industry 4.0 & Smart Services”. And we have asked Zolertia’s mentors Veaceslaw Driglov, Jannic Herrmann, Niklas Kirschnick, and Christian Borowski from Daimler, as well as Philipp Kühner and Marco Liesegang from EY about their role in this ‘acceleration family’.

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